Best Cabinet Paint For Kitchen

Which Kitchen Cabinet Paint Finishing Style Is The Best

The Absolute Best Paint for Cabinets

Alas, there is no best finish for your kitchen cabinets it all depends on the style you want, how durable you need the cabinets to be, and whether your cabinets will get dirty easily.

Nonetheless, I hope that this guide has helped you choose which paint to use between Glossy, Matte, Satin, and Semi-Glossy finishes so you can find the perfect aesthetic for your brand new kitchen cabinet set. And if you need more help in this arena read our 12 tip guide for choosing the right cabinets.

Whatever type of kitchen finishing you decide upon, remember to prep your cabinets properly, follow all the safety advice, and have fun!

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Tips For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I have a more in depthpost on how to paint kitchen cabinets in this post, but still wanted to get you started here in this post as well.

Before you go to Home Depot or Sherwin Williams to pick out your new paint, lets talk about prep work first. Now that you know the various types of paints that can be used, you need to have a game plan on how to actually paint your kitchen cabinets.

So dont go picking out a new color just yet! To get good results, youll need to put in some serious prep work first. The end result will be well worth it but these things take time, best not to rush it!

How I Tested Scubbability And Stain Resistance For Cabinet Paints

In a cabinet refinishing group, I got the idea to test for stain resistance. Apparently, the two most notorious substances for staining white cabinets are coffee and tomato sauce.

However, the test I learned the most from was the mascara test. I got this idea when I got mascara on the surface of my grandmas vanity I painted. I assumed I would have to repaint it but to my surprise, it was scrubbed off with a microfiber cloth without any of the paint coming off.

So, I put a stroke of water-proof mascara on each sample to see:

  • Which painted surface the mascara could be completely removed from with dawn, water, and a microfiber cloth
  • Which paint would not rub off along with the mascara
  • I used black microfiber clothes so I could easily see if any white paint was coming off with the mascara.

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    What Color Compliments Sage Green

    Complementary colors are paired colors that are very different from each other but when they are mixed result in a dull color like gray or brown. Complementary colors, when paired together, make each other pop and stand out.

    This makes the colors more vibrant to look at. With sage green, here are some of the colors that compliment it well, balancing and elevating how it looks.


    Benjamin Moor Gray Owl

    Gray is an earthy color that you can choose for your furniture or countertop and pair with your sage green kitchen walls. This match is guaranteed to look subtle yet stylish at the same time. The great thing is that there are many shades of gray to match the sage green walls with.

    And adding a pot of plants in the mix can make the entire room feel more outdoorsy. If youre thinking about choosing a gray paint color, here are some amazing options you can explore.

    Sherwin-Williams Passive


    Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

    White is the standard color of the kitchen and if you want to somehow retain that characteristic of this particular room then you can match it with your sage green walls. Fresh and crisp white cabinets or countertops can add freshness and at the same time warmth to the calming neutral sage green.

    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

    Sherwin-Williams Extra White


    Farrow & Ball Hay

    Benjamin Moore Inner Glow

    Benjamin Moore Banana Yellow

    The Spruce Best Home Persimmon Orange

    Behr Morocco Red


    Farrow & Ball Calamine

    Sherwin-Williams Coral Reef

    Best Paints For Furniture

    Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: HGTV Pictures &  Ideas

    Why Did We Like it?

    If you want a smooth and well-covered finish on any piece of furniture, you can rely on Renaissance to execute it flawlessly. With this high-quality paint, there are no endlessly tiresome sessions of priming and sanding involved. And neither do you need to indulge in multiple coats to get the desired consistency.

    Simply put on a single coat on the furniture or cabinet surface to create the perfect vintage, contemporary, or even shabby chic look you want. Apart from the effortless application, we also like that this product is environment-friendly and is safe for indoor use, and around children and pets.

    What Couldve Been Better?

    We absolutely love the smooth finish of the paint and the fact that it contains no VOC . However, you have to leave the furniture you applied it on for an extended drying period. Avoid applying a second coat before the first layer dries up fully as youll end up with globs all over the surface.

    Why Did We Like it?

    For starters, this is a reliable kit containing everything you need to upgrade the appearance of cabinets made from wood, painted metal, or primed laminate, without requiring lots of prep. Furthermore, you dont even have to remove the doors of the kitchen cabinets before beginning the paint job.

    What Couldve Been Better?

    Why Did We Like it?

    What Couldve Been Better?

    Why Did We Like it?

    What Couldve Been Better?

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    Option : Valspar Or Behr Cabinet And Furniture Enamel

    Valspar and Behr both make a good cabinet and furniture enamel, similar to the concept of the Satin Enamels in option 1.

    These enamels tend to be a little thinner consistency, which can result in paint drips if youre not careful as you apply the paint. This the only reason theyre not yet my #1 choice.

    But as long as you apply the paint somewhat lightly, your finish will turn out great. You may need two or three coats of paint, which is true of all the paint options.

    The great thing about these cabinet enamels is you can have them mixed in any color you choose. The Valspar paint is also available in both Satin and Semi-gloss finish, which is nice.

    To use the Valspar or Behr option, you would follow the same process as the Satin Enamels, which you can find in this cabinet painting post or outlined below. As with the Satin Enamels, these paints require no sanding and very little prep. Its basically the Satin Enamels process, just with a more accessible paint.

    Pros & Cons of Option 2

    Pros: You can find this paint at either Lowes or Home Depot and get in it in almost any color you want. Just as durable and easy to prep as option 1. No primer or top coat necessary.

    Cons: The consistency is a little thinner, so you need to be a little more careful when applying to avoid drips.

    Best Green: The Spruce Best Home Matcha

    The Spruce

    “The outdoors inspires my work, so I enjoy greening up interiors with colors found in nature,” says New York City architect John Mochelle. “The Spruce Best Home Matcha is a lovely color for kitchen cabinets. It is a muted shade of green with a delicate yellow undertone. I suggest pairing with terra-cotta floor tiles.” This 32-color curated collection includes timeless neutral shades and bold statement hues.

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    Paint For Furniture New Buyers Guide

    KKnowing all about the 13 best paint for furniture is hardly too much information. You still need to figure out which one of these options suits your existing decor best. And that can be a bit of a challenge, now that youve been introduced to all the excellent products available in the market. Thats why we went the extra mile and created this guide for you, which will hopefully make painting furniture become far easier!

    We have listed the various factors you need to consider when buying the best furniture paint. Read on to know more

    How Much Money Do You Save By Painting Cabinets Yourself

    What Is The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint

    Painting your own cabinets is such a budget-friendly way to make a huge upgrade in the room of your house that is most important for resale. I was quoted a cost of over $3,000 to hire painters for my kitchen cabinets, but by doing it myself, I paid just over $300. For more low-cost ways to make a big impact on your home, get this free list: The Easiest Low-Cost Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

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    What Kind Of Paint Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets

    There is no one definitive answer to this question. Different paints will work better for different applications in the kitchen, so it’s important to try out a few different brands and types of paint before settling on a favorite. Some good options include Benjamin Moore latex paint, Sherwin Williams paint, and American Woodworking paint.

    How Do I Estimate How Much Paint Ill Need To Buy For My Cabinets

    Youll only need one or two gallons of paint for most kitchens. But to determine an exact amount, Hardin recommends multiplying the length and height of your cabinets to get the total square footage, then dividing that number by the paints promised coverage . If your cabinets have a lot of millwork, Hardin suggests adding 10 percent more to the total.

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    Is Cabinet Paint Different From Wall Paint Is There A Special Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

    Some of the brands of cabinet paints such as Behr Marquee can also be used on walls. Not all wall paints perform well as cabinet paint though and thats one of the reasons I performed the above tests. Good cabinet paints are extremely durable, non-yellowing, and settle out well for a smooth surface.

    Whats The Best Paint For Cabinets Without Sanding

    The Best Colors For Off

    You never want to refinish cabinets without sanding. Remember, you are not sanding to remove the old paint or stain. You are simply scuff sanding which means that you are sanding the surface of the cabinets just enough, so they arent slick. This helps the new primer and paint adhere well and its a step you never want to skip! TO make it go faster, here is my favorite electric sander: Tack life Electric Sander .

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    Are Oak Cabinets Coming Back In Style

    I wish I could tell you that all you needed to do is add new hardware and you are good to go. But while some oak cabinets are coming back in style, take note they are stained in cooler wood tones. In other ways, they dont have that orange honey oak stain that so many outdated oak cabinets have today. And the easiest way to get rid of the orange tint and give your kitchen a whole new look is with paint! If you want to paint your cabinets to look like wood, take a look at this post: How To Apply Paint That Looks Like Stain

    Best Navy Blue: Sherwin

    The Spruce

    Navy is a classic paint color for kitchen cabinets that will never go out of style, and it works great with warm-toned metals, such as brass and copper,” says Rebecca Langman, an interior designer and owner of Revision Custom Home Design. She recommends Salt Dog from Sherwin-Williams. It’s a beautiful true navy that works with most kitchen hardware finishes for faucets, knobs, and cabinet pulls.

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    The Best Supplies For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

    For painting cabinets, you can either brush, roll or spray. You can also do a combination of two. If you opt for spraying, you can paint the cabinet doors in your garage and roll the cabinet bases. That way you dont have to take all the extra time to tape off your cabinet boxes.

    I personally like to roll both my cabinet boxes and doors.

    Although several prefer a foam roller, my favorite roller for painting cabinets is this 3/8 microfiber roller from Home Depot. It gives you an incredibly smooth finish without roller marks and is very forgiving when painting over defects in the painted surface. I absolutely love this roller and used it on my own cabinets and on every furniture project. You can see the current price here: Home Depot Best Roller

    My favorite brushes for cabinets are Zibra brushes. They not only give you a flawless finish but the brushes just glide over the surface of whatever you are painting. They are a little more expensive but Ive never lost a bristle with these and they are fun to use: Zibra Brushes for Cabinets

    Acrylic Vs Alkyd Paint Vs Oil Paint

    How To Paint Cabinets
    • Water-based acrylic paint does not leave the same chemical odor as oil-based. Acrylic paint is breathable, water-resistant and easy to clean.
    • Alkyd paints, which are often thought of as oil-based, do not have oil in their makeup. Instead, it is an enamel finish that has a finish similar to that of oil paints. They have long been preferred for durability and performance. They are perfect for high-moisture rooms such as kitchens and baths, and are often stain-resistant. New water-based alkyd paints are growing increasingly popular due to their quality, durability and cost-effectiveness.
    • Oil paint is the hardest, most durable paint to use for painting cabinets. It takes longer to dry and is harder to clean up, but when applied right and allowed to cure, the result is a finish that can hold up scratches and hard use for years. Oil paint should be disposed of properly for environmental safety reasons.

    Choosing the right paint for your next cabinet project can be challenging. Thankfully, The Home Depot has a wide selection of high quality paints and finishes to choose from. Order online to make selecting the right paint color a breeze, or use The Home Depot Mobile App to help you decide the color and finish before you head to the store.

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    A Few Things To Keep In Mind

    Lighting: Light from a window, floor lamp, or recessed cans in the ceiling can dramatically alter the appearance of white hues, particularly when it comes to paint. I prefer matte finishes when you have lots of natural light, as this feels more organic, notes designer Casey Hardin. Low-light spaces are a great place to use glossy finishes, as they reflect more light and, in turn, brighten a darker space that is relying on artificial light.

    Cool versus warm tones: If youre going for a more traditional or rustic vibe, consider a soft white with warm undertones. For the modern and contemporary, a cooler white can be more stimulating, making it a great choice for a kitchen or home office where you want to feel energized, adds Hardin.

    Cabinet material: Kitchen cabinets come in all shapes, sizes, and materialsthe most popular being wood, laminate, melamine, and MDF . Most laminated veneers can handle paint or a combined paint and primer in one without any prep work, but for surfaces like wood, its always a good idea to lightly sand it and use a deglosser first. For all: Always wipe down and clean your cabinets first.

    What Is The Best Paint For Cabinets Of 2021

    Your dream kitchen is easier and more affordable than you might think.

    Use a the best paint for cabinets, hybrid enamel paint, and check out our post on the best kitchen paint colors for this year. Take your time with the prep work, and use care to sand and clean in between coats of paint. DIY painting is an affordable way to transform a room. Taking the time to repaint kitchen cabinets is a brilliant way to spruce up a lackluster kitchen and fall in love with your homes heart.

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    Retique It By Renaissance

    Retique Its Renaissance Chalk paint lets you paint cabinets with quick, non-toxic and non-VOC coats that immediately bring a new color to its surfaces. Each can is made with at least seventy-percent emulsified recycled wood, meaning that youre essentially layering a smooth wood formula onto your existing wood surface, allowing it to work without needing a primer.

    Since its a zero-emissions paint with almost no odor, its easy to let it dry without it bothering you or harming your pets. Its also hypoallergenic, so allergic reactions are incredibly unlikely even if you have a noted allergy to one of the ingredients. Since its even-leveling, you can leave a thick coat on a flat surface and watch it smoothen itself out as it dries, saving you plenty of time and correcting any mistakes youve made in terms of paint thickness or distribution.

    The real wood used in this paint makes it a unique way to redesign your cabinets.

    Chalk Finish

    How I Tested Cabinet Paints With The Smoothest Finish

    Best Behr Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

    When it comes to a smooth finish, Im such a stickler! Unfortunately, one of the downsides to painting honey oak kitchen cabinets is that they have a very open grain. In other words, you can see lots of small indentions on the entire wood surface. To specifically test which paint finishes would settle into the wood grain to make smooth surfaces, I painted a sample of each on the back of one of my own cabinet doors.

    You also want to make sure that your paint doesnt show brush strokes or roller marks. To test for a smooth surface, I painted one side of the board I mentioned above with a brush and the other side with a roller for every paint sample. Im glad I tested both because some paints that did great with brush strokes did not go on very smoothly with a roller!

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