Best Blue Green Gray Paint Colors

We Love A Gray Green Combo: Do You

The 10 best blue gray paint colors for your home

This list illustrated the many different levels of a gray-green paint combination. How your color looks on your screen or in the store might not accurately represent how it would appear in your home. Its best to test your color choices on your walls for a few days.

Which Gray Green is your favorite? Did your color make our list, or do you love a color we didnt mention? Let us know in the comments!

Looking For More Blue Gray Paint Color Options Check Out These Colors:

  • SW 6217 Topsail

  • SW 9138 Stardew

  • SW 6255 Morning Fog

I hope this article helped your home decorating process and you can narrow down the right blue gray for your living room, bedroom, nursery, or bathroom. The look of your new paint color on the wall will vary depending on how much natural vs. artificial light you get in the room each day.

Final Thoughts On Gray Paint

Gray is a popular paint choice for homes because it is neutral, chic, and refined. Gray paint serves as a subtle backdrop to furnishings and accessories of almost any color.

When paired with other neutrals, gray is elegant, sophisticated and refined. If set as a backdrop to bright colors, gray is understated yet interesting.

Warm grays, or greiges, are great picks for homes with wood trim, but cool greiges, such as the ones on this list, impart a feeling of elegance that is hard to rival.

If youre looking for the perfect cool gray paint, I hope this list was helpful for you!

Feel free to leave questions or comments in the box below, and Ill happily answer them!

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Honourable Mention: Green Glimpse Sw 9676

Im not sure what the story is with Green Glimpse. I found it when I was scrolling through off-whites, but you cant even search for it on the Sherwin Williams site for some reason!

Green Glimpse has an LRV of 82 so its pretty close to white. I think it looks quite nice, but I wasnt able to find anyone who has used it. If you are looking for a gray-green white, I would for sure get a sample of Green Glimpse!

Is Silvermist A Popular Blue

Comparing popular blue, gray and green paint colors. in 2020

With its LRV of 47, Silvermist has a bit more meat on its bones than many of the others. And while it has its place in many homes, due to its PLACEMENT in the fan deck, I actually think it gets missed a lot!

  • Silvermists LRV of 47 puts it on the slightly darker side of the light-medium range, making it great for ONE room, but not a whole home.
  • Its hit and miss as to whether Silvermist caters to its blue side or its green one!

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Best Light Blue Green Paint Colors

Going with a lighter blue green paint color is necessary if youre trying to achieve an airy look, but have a room with less natural or overhead light.

Ive rounded up 7 of my favorite green blue hues, and lined them up from darkest to lightest, based on their Light Reflective Value or LRV. Colors closer to 100 are lighter, and colors closer to 0 are darker and reflect minimal light.

If you cant decide between two colors and you are worried about the color appearing darker in your space, let the LRV be the tie breaker.

Make sure you test all paint samples in the room you are painting and look at the sample multiple times throughout the day. I recently discovered Samplize you can literally buy 12×12 samples of paint. These samples are peel and stick so you can move them around from room to room. Crazy, right?!

Best Sw Dark Gray: Morning Fog

Morning Fog is a gray with blue and purple undertones. It has an LRV of 42, which puts it in the medium category of paint.

As the name suggests, Morning Fog is a cloudy color. It has enough blue in it that it will look blue in some rooms, and in some lights.

As part of the Luxe color collection, this chic gray is good for an accent wall or in a room with lots of bright white trim.

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Why Is Rainwashed A Popular Paint Colour

  • Rainwashed has a decent amount of colour in it, so it will add life to a room, without being too punchy
  • Rainwashed has a fresh, but soothing look as the gray softens it up
  • Its SUPER popular for both beachy and modern farmhouse style homes!

Click HERE or on the above image to see available packages!

The Best Behr Blue Gray Paint Colors


Blue and gray are both calming and soothing colors that are well-loved for their ability to create a relaxing space. But bringing them together creates a softly muted blue thats more natural-looking, and readily coordinated with other paint colors or decor items.

In this article well take a look at some of the best blue-gray colors Behr has to offer. These popular colors cover the range of what blue-gray can do for your home, from wispy and airy to stormy and deep.

Next well get inspired with views of Behr blue-gray colors in real homes. When we wrap up, youll have everything you need to unfurl this serene color in your next home refresh!

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What Are The Most Popular Blue Gray Paint Colors

OK, so lets talk about some of the best blue gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. I have a lot to share, so you may want to pack a lunch and grab a snack because this may take a while.

Rock Candy SW 6231

Dont Forget to test your paint colors!

Finally, as I say in all my paint color posts, do not make the common mistake of not swatching the paint colors you are thinking about using. The colors you see on the computer look differently than a swatch on your home. So choose a few colors you want to try and swatch those babies. LARGE swatches too!

Check out my review on Samplize, its an easier, mess-free way to swatch!

Trust me choosing the wrong paint color is an expensive mistake you do not want to make.

Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green 2145

Fernwood Green is a beauty. It doesnt have that modern gray-green-blue blend that youll find in a lot of todays paint colours as its in the LEGIT green zone with a wink of warmth.

Fernwood Green is just slightly warm without getting too funky about it and would add a bit of life to a north-facing room especially. With its LRV of 57.98, its a light depth paint colour, but one with a BIT more body compared to ones closer to my MAGICAL LRV number.

Similar to Fernwood Green in southern or afternoon western sun

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Sherwin Williams Morning Fog

Sherwin Williams Morning Fog is a mid-toned, neutral gray blue with a lower LRV of 42, putting it more on the darker side. You can use this color to make larger and mid-size rooms look brighter, such as your entryway, bathroom, or bedrooms.

Although in massive or tiny spaces, youll want a lighter shade with a higher LRV. And in rooms where theres a lot of natural or artificial light, Morning Fog can look more blue than gray. So, if this shade looks too blue, try a lighter Sedate Gray .

Lrv Of Gray Green Paint Colors

The best blue green gray light paint colour. Modern farmhouse country ...

Really quickly, I just want to touch on LRV, because I will be mentioning the LRV of each paint color.

The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 100 how much light a color reflects . True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.


  • High number = Light
  • Low number = Dark

The darkest color in this article has an LRV of 7, and the lightest is an 82.

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Icy By Sherwin Williams

Icy is one of my favorites because its a light blue gray. Its perfect for bedrooms if you want a light neutral blue. The gray undertones give it more sophisticated look . And, it works for areas that even in rooms that dont have a ton of light.

Would you like to see this color in your own home? If so, you can get a sample here.

Colors That Go Well With Blue Green

The first place you can look for coordinating colors to complement your favorite blue green is simply to other members of the blue green family. Putting darker and lighter blue greens together can create fun effects like an ocean vibe, a leafy jungle paradise, or a stunning ombré.

You can also easily coordinate with a color that is only blue or green, by itself. Darker blues, such as navy, make pale blue green colors look fresh and bright. Light blues, next to a darker teal or turquoise, can look like the sky or clouds. And even just adding green plants to your decor will amp up the green side of this color family for some organic vibrance.

Grays coordinate well with blue green paint colors because they often have blue and green undertones. Darker grays wont show this trait as much but will offer a stronger contrast. Light grays will bounce back more of the color youre putting next to them, so try out samples to make sure you like the effect before committing.

Many of the greener shades are similar to leaves, and from that perspective, you can put them with any color you might see a flower in. Maybe your favorite bloom can inspire you!

Some neutral shades that can work with this family include browns, beiges, and creams. Maybe you want a sandy shade with your ocean teal, or a dark forest wood with your misty morning blue.

Here are some color possibilities for your coordination inspiration!

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Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone Sw 9133

Jasper Stone is the most blueish of the grayish greens that I chose from Sherwin Williams. Its almost like a really muted down aqua color.

Here are a couple of pictures that show what a difference lighting can make!

Here you can really see how much more sage Jasper Stone looks in artificial/warmer light:

The LRV of Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone is 32, which is the same as Acacia Haze, so that extra blue is the primary difference.

Popular Sherwin Williams Blue Greens

My Top 4 Gray Paint Colours

Here is a list of several different tones and shades of some popular blue green colors from Sherwin Williams.

On the lighter scale

  • Rainwashed: depending on the lighting can sometimes look more green or more blue
  • Tidewater: Light paint color that has the most blue in it. We have used this in our sons room and it definitely feels more light blue than anything else.
  • Sea Salt: the most neutral of the lighter blue green colors and favorite from many designers.

Richer and darker blue green colors

  • Riverway: The grayest color that has a lower LRV on our list. Get hints of green and blue with this more neutral gray color.
  • Rookwood Green Blue: This is the more neutral and lighter cousin of our favorite Rookwood Sash Green.
  • Rookwood Sash Green: Our current favorite that can appear to be more blue or green depending on the time of day in our kitchen.
  • Really Teal: If you love a vibrant blue green then this teal color is for you.
  • Cape Verde: More green than really teal that it is close to a classic hunter green color.

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Benjamin Moore Arctic Gray

Arctic Gray by Benjamin Moore makes an incredible color for bathrooms due to the strong hints of gray and green undertones hidden within the light cyan blue base. In bright lighting, you might see slight purple hues.

The 61 LRV means this shade part of the Classic Color Collection can help brighten the room, making it an incredible choice for small living rooms or bedrooms.

What Is A Blue Gray Paint Color

To sum it up, a blue-gray paint color is gray with blue added to it. Some of these livid colors are more blue than gray and others are more gray than blue. These cool toned colors can also be considered slate colors.

The reason blue gray paint colors are great is because when they are paired with brighter colors they will act as neutrals. They also hold their own when they are used in combination with black colors, white colors, or wood tones.

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Palladian Blue By Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore describes its Palladian Blue as the blue of the sky with a touch of mother-of-pearl. Its a cool color that once again comes across as more green than blue even though blue is right in the name. Palladian Blue is on the brighter side of the scale, with an LRV of 61.17, putting it within that ideal 60-62 range a lot of designers favor for versatility.

What Goes With Blue Green Walls

Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray: Color Spotlight

Blue green walls go great with other colors like whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, browns, darker or lighter blue greens that are similar in shade, blacks, grays and some greiges.

For trim, blue green walls tend to go well with a lot of different white paint colors. For some specific recommendations, check out Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace or Sherwin William Pure White.

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Best Blue Green Paint Colors From Sherwin Williams

Home » DIY Home Ideas » Best Blue Green Paint Colors From Sherwin Williams

It is no surprise that we are green paint lovers. From our light green living room to now our painted lower kitchen cabinets, green paint really has helped us modernize our home. We searched high and low to find the perfect blue green paint color.

We think we found it with Sherwin Willams Rookwood Sash Green .

Free Paint Color Organization Printables

If you frequently paint your home like I do, it can sometimes be difficult to keep all your colors organized! I recently created a free paint color organization printable set that I think you will all love!

Simply complete the form below and Ill email the PDF files over to you to start using today! It will also subscribe you to my email list, however, you can easily unsubscribe at any time if that isnt your thing.

I hope you found these ideas and the best blue green paint colors helpful! Any other colors youre on the hunt for?

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Sea Salt By Sherwin Williams

SW 6204 / LRV 63

This serene, pale blue green paint color has a cult following for a good reason. Its gray undertones keep it neutral enough to work well in any space.

With a Light Reflectance Value of 63, its light enough to be used with confidence in any room. Plus, its one of my favorite paint shades! Check out my Sherwin Williams Sea Salt kitchen.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a grayish green that has a hint of blue that reminds me of the fog that rolls in from the sea. Its perfect for a tranquil bathroom or a family room for relaxing small gatherings.

Note: Dont confuse this with the Benjamin Moore paint shade of the same name, which is a completely different color.

Is Silver Marlin A Popular Choice

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Review | Cool Gray Paint Colors

While Silver Marlin doesnt get as much attention as some of the others in this list, it is definitely one of the BEST light-medium depth shades.


  • Silver Marlin can easily look more blue or more green depending on your exposure, lighting, and interior finishings, making it quite the chameleon!
  • If you like a nod toward colour, without a 100% commitment, this could work well for you!

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These Grayish Blue Colors Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Its true, we have been having many customers asking for cool gray paint colors with more of a blue undertone to it. This makes my heart so happy. I feel like so often people are terrified of color on their walls.

I understand paint colors are intimidating especially when its a non-neutral. But, if you follow the steps on how to pick the right paint color, it can be done. And this is another reason why choosing to go with a livid color is a great option.

Now that blue gray paint colors are on the rise, why not share a few of the best ones I have found?


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