Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

Dark Blue Gray Paint Colors

The 10 best blue gray paint colors for your home

LRV: 0-15

I love this paint color so much! I used it first to paint my front door in my old house, followed by my living room in my current home.

It has the faintest green undertones, but the gray undertones are most prevalent. Since it has warm and cool color tones, it works as a transition color for any room.

However, due to its dark coloring, you want to make sure to use it in a bright room, so it doesnt darken the area too much. White accents and tons of bright light will have this color looking fabulous!

Outerspace by Sherwin Williams

While Hale Navy leans a little more blue, Outerspace leans a little more gray when it comes to dark blue/gray colors. Dont want to overwhelm your space? Try an accent wall with a dark blue gray color.

Its perfection paired with a camel leather chair and beautiful light wood tones in a tween boys bedroom by Jen Sottosanti Design.

Granite Peak by Sherwin Williams

If youre looking for drama, granite peak is the right choice for you. Depending on the room and light, it can lean heavier to blue or gray. It can feel like a more colorful charcoal shade, working well as an accent wall or in powder rooms.

Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky

Benjamin Moores Cloudy Sky is a blue gray color with the slightest hint of green. I think it has a muted earthy quality that is quite nice.

Cloudy Sky vs Benjamin Moore Stormy Sky

Another popular color, with a similar name, is Stormy Sky.

Cloudy Sky is much lighter and more blue than Stormy Sky, which is closer to a charcoal color. I actually really like Stormy Sky too, but I have similar shades on my Best Blue Grays palette already.

Benjamin Moore Hamilton Blue

Hamilton Blue, I choose you! I have actually watched very little Pokemon in my life, so I dont know why that was the first thought that rattled around in my head.

Moving on

Hamilton Blue was formerly known as PM-6 with Benjamin Moore, but it is now part of the Historical Collection and therefore HC-191.

Hamilton Blue is a great choice if you want more blue than gray, but still a fairly neutral color.

I feel like it has a denim-like quality where it will go with most colors. It looks great here with the mustard and terracotta!

For me personally, I think Hamilton Blue is a little too subtle. If I was to choose a color this dark, I would want it to make more of a statement.

Its definitely a very serene color, if you want something mellow!

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The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors In Real Spaces

When Im on the hunt for a new paint color, I love being able to see real homes with colors Im considering. It can definitely help narrow down the selection process! Following are some examples of the best blue gray paint colors in real spaces!

Benjamin Moore Providence Blue

In our kitchen remodel, we used Benjamin Moore Providence Blue and absolutely love how it turned out! This space get a lot of natural light from multiple angles so the color looks a bit lighter here than it likely would in most spaces. However, its a beautiful darker blue gray paint color option! Its also very much a chameleon color that takes on more gray or green tones depending on time of day and angle of the sun!

KITCHEN SOURCES: Basket Pendant Lights | Bistro Counter Stools | Indoor/Outdoor Runner Rug | Cabinet Bin Pull Hardware | Cabinet Knobs | Similar Vase | Faux Greenery | Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Simply White

Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue

The gorgeous laundry room cabinets below are painted Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue which seemed to be a super popular pick among readers!

DEN SOURCES: Linen Sectional | Rug | Storage Coffee Table | Paint-Dipped Vase | Faux Olive Stems | White Bone Beads | Coffee Table Book | Scalloped Light Fixture | Similar Rattan Mirror | Striped Ottomans | Boucle Pillows | Waffle Knit Reversible Sherpa Pillows | Block Print Pillows | Chunky Knit Tassel Pillow | Tripod Lamp

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

Granite Peak By Sherwin Williams

The 8 Best Blue Paint Colors: Readers

Bored with seeing the light-colored painted walls of your house? Dont want to go for basic beiges either? Granite peak by Sherwin Williams would be just about the right choice for you!

It has a dark charcoal gray color, muted blue with ultra-fine green undertones. Giving a dramatic display to your house with its strong appearance, but simultaneously, making your interior feel more comforting with the best warm blue gray paint color. Paint the whole house interior or just that one master bedroom with it, as this color is kind of moody, you can choose the best for you. With its deep grayish-blue look, it will make the perfect fit for accent walls in TV rooms, powder rooms as well as for your studio. Gather all the white furniture to pair it well with the fixed elements of your house. Add a statement of grace to your dining area with its shady presentation. As it tends to instil a nice playful effect on your space, it would leave a rather cool and classy impact on your rumpus room especially for the night parties with quite dim lighting. Apart from that, it can be a gorgeous choice for the exterior siding of your home. Since it is neither too dark nor too light, you dont have to give it a lot of thought, just make a right choice now!

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Where Can You Use Them

The beauty of blue-gray paint colors is that you can use them in just about any space, just like neutral paint colors.

Use blue-gray paint colors on the exterior of your home.

The exterior of the home is one of the best places to use a darker blue gray paint color. It will make a dramatic statement without going overboard. And because the exterior of the home is outside and has more square footage to cover, it can handle a darker shade.

Blue-gray paint colors in the bedroom.

In my opinion, the bedroom is the optimal place to use these colors. Since blue promotes calmness and relaxation, its perfect for a bedroom. Blue grays are great because they have a bit of color to them while being on the neutral side. And that makes sense for a bedroom paint color since you dont want your paint to be overly colorful or vibrant.

Try a blue-gray in the bathroom.

The bathroom is another room where you want to create a serene and spa-like atmosphere. Again, blue is a color that is peaceful and calming. Bringing in a lighter blue-gray paint color will add a neutral softness to the room.

What about the kitchen?

Id think twice before painting your entire kitchen blue. According to a study published in Appetite, people tended to drink and eat more when they were using blue cups and plates. I find this fascinating.

I mean Im not sure how relevant this is to paint colors in your kitchen. But it is still something to think about.

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp

Gray Wisp by Benjamin Moore is a fabulous blue-gray that features undertones of blue, gray, and green, depending on the rooms lighting.

This shade belongs to the Benjamin Moore Classic Color Collection, consisting of 1,680 timeless colors. You can use this lovely shade for bedrooms, entryways, kitchens, or dining rooms. Its also the perfect color to pair with dark, dramatic colors like Black Ink or Patriot Blue .

Wisp has an LRV of 54, meaning its almost perfectly proportioned between light and dark. So if you have warm wood-toned floors, Gray Wisp could be the perfect wall shade to tone down the rich hues of the floor.

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Comet By Benjamin Moore

This light dusty blue is perfect for bathrooms and cabinets. Its more like an icy dusty shade of gray with pale purple and Navy undertone. The colour complements well with white trim and wooden floors like all blues and grays. Without a doubt, it is one of the best warm soft gray blue paint colours.

Behr Light French Gray

My 4 Favorite Gray Paint Colors

If youre looking for a lighter shade, Light French Gray by Behr is an elegant soft grayish blue with lavender to blue undertones that may look silver in some light.

With an LRV of 61, this cool shade of blue gray can help brighten up dim rooms and make your space look larger and more open.

While any space can improve with this color, it can make a statement for welcoming entryways, soothing bathrooms, and romantic bedrooms. You can coordinate with warm grays, mauves, lavenders, and even brighter bold blues like Snowboard .

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Sherwin Williams North Star

Next up is another lovely color, this time with more of a true blue note.

North Star was the perfect shade for the interior walls of our former pool house, pictured above.

A favorite of interior designers, this light blue color struck the perfect balance between gray and blue.

Beach house front door painted in Benjamin Moore Waters Edge.

Is It Blue Gray Or Blue Grey

Both are correct. Grey is the British English spelling and gray is the American English spelling. So, both are technically correct, but pending on where you live, one may be preferred over the other and you will see differences in labeling from the manufacturers in different countries. Some people call the color bluish gray and others grayish blue. Some call it dusty blue. While the spelling may be slightly different, the meaning is the same.

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Blue Grey Painted Shiplap In Mud Room

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

Bria Hammel InteriorsBM Stonington Gray

However, today, we will narrow the focus to beautiful chalky blue greys which can be tricky to get right. When too cool and blue, the color runs the risk of baby nursery blue, and too warm can read muddy green or taupe.

The homeowners favorite color was blue in Southeastern Designer Showhouse 2017 , and Im a huge admirer of how the hue was repeated throughout the sophisticated and timeless interiors.

To get the look of the woven grasscloth wallcovering above, direct your gaze to the blue or grey paint color swatches with silver in the name.

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Where To Use Blue Grey Paint Colors

Because blue grey colors are so soothing and relaxing, theyre a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. Although they can work for many design aesthetics, they are especially well suited for coastal style interiors.

But they can work well in any space and for any style where you want a whisper of color.

Sherwin Williams Blue Cabinets

Sherwin Williams has several beautiful paint shades to use as blue cabinet paint colors. If you are painting your cabinets yourself, dont forget to use Benjamin Moore Advance and just ask for the Sherwin Williams shade at their paint counter. You can see why I like Benjamin Moore Advance here: The Best Paints for Cabinets

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Best Sw Blue/green Gray: Reflection

Reflection, by Sherwin Williams, is a nice gray that will look blue in some rooms.

With an LRV of 66, Reflection is one of the most colorful grays on the list. Reflection has blue and green undertones, and is a good choice if you want a light gray with more than a hint of color.

Reflection is also a part of the Minimalist color collection. If you want a gray that acts as a chameleon depending on the light, Reflection is a good choice for you.

In dim light, it is reminiscent of a foggy morning, even more so than Morning Fog. In bright light, it transitions between blue and green.

Krypton By Sherwin Williams

My Top 4 Gray Paint Colours

An attention stealer with the coolness of gray and pigmentation of blue is none other than Krpyton. The perfect shade for a kids bedroom, a bathroom or even kitchen. The key is coordinating it with white and wooden spree. Shades as Tarnished Trumpet by Sherwin Williams are also great to go with.

Without a single doubt, it is the best cool blue-grey in the town you will ever come across. The gray undertones radiate refreshing and calming vibes with the perfect blend of blue. As lovely as the name itself is.

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Sherwin Williams Silver Strand

Sherwin Williams is one of the top paint manufacturers, producing gorgeous colors and blends such as SW 7057 Silver Strand.

This lovely neutral light blue gray paint shade, with an LRV of 59, has an attractive light gray base with blue undertones that works excellent for interior or exterior use.

Spruce up your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom using this cool-toned light gray with faint traces of blue. And coordinate with shades like soft white or lovely greens like Vintage Vessel or Illusive Green .

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

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Learn all about the most popular blue gray paint colors to choose from right now! Add a calm, cool and collected look to any area of your home interior or exterior, with a blue gray color youll love.

Interior designers have long loved these popular blue gray paints, and now you can try them in your own home! This is a round-up and review of the 12 prettiest blue gray paint color options from your favorite paint brands.

Choosing a paint color is hard. And while it makes a big impact in a room, its very expensive to make mistakes! Ask me how I know.

Youd think that after years of chatting about paint here on the blog, and analyzing colors until Im blue in the face, that Id be a true professional! But believe me when I tell you, we still make plenty of not-quite-right choices.

Thats why Ive created a detailed series of paint tips and guides that can make your decisions easier. Learn from our mistakes so you dont have to go down that painful road!

Most recently, weve brought you an incredible round up of our favorite Warm Whites, Greige Paint Colors, Romantic Bedroom Colors, a complete guide to LRV, and our favorite Neutral Paint Colors weve used over the years. Theres a paint guide for everyone around here!

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    Best Gray Paint Colors By Sherwin Williams

    Sherwin Williams has a list of their 50 most popular shades, and it is a great way to see what colors are trending. Of course, there are tons of greiges, and even a few beiges on the list. But many of the top shades being sold by Sherwin Williams are grays.

    Here are some of the top gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams.

    Sherwin Williams Serenely Sw : Lrv Undertones And A Little More

    Shades of blue gray paint are totally on trend and shown to increase a ...

    Are you tired of gray and greige? Craving a little COLOUR in your life? Well, let me introduce you to a beautiful blue called Serenely.

    In order to show you RELATEABLE & REAL homes, I ONLY use photos from my Online Colour Consulting clients. This means I dont always have the quality pics I need, but DEFINITELY have some SUPER helpful info to help you on your way!

    Also, Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Collection Colours are BRAND-NEW and people are just starting to discover them. If you choose one of these colours based on my reviews, please send photos! This also means that this paint colour is ONLY AVAILABLE in the Emerald Designer Collection line of paints.

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