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What Does Zero Emissions Mean

Benjamin Moore Low VOC Paints –

The Federal Trade Commission has determined that an emission-free or zero-emissions paint claim can be substantiated by, among other things, evidence demonstrating the paint has trace levels of emissions six hours or less after application , and contains no substance that could cause material harm to the health of the average adult under normal anticipated use. Eco Spec® paint meets this standard.

Green Label Benjamin Moore Interior Paint And Exterior Paint

So, what are VOCs anyway, you may wonder. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These nasty little compounds exist everywhere in the environment and can be harmful to people and pets, especially if they are exposed to VOCs in contained spaces. In fact, right here in White Plains, Ossining, and Carmel regions and along the east coast, 50 percent of VOCs come from trees.

Paint, particularly when it is tinted, releases VOC emissions in varying concentrations. Benjamin Moore removes VOCs during an innovative process of its comprehensive green product line and uses complementary water-based tints that contain no VOCs in its interior and exterior paints. Even after drying, tests show that Green Promise Benjamin Moore paint products produced no VOCs, which is why it is the greenest and safest paint on the market.

For other paint products under the no to low VOC line, look for the Benjamin Moore Green Promise label designation. No VOC products feature a Green Promise label, while low VOC paint products including Natura, Aura, and ben lines state low VOC on the label. The products are available as interior paint, exterior paint, high gloss finishes, and multiple latex primers for troubleshooting common issues with stains, tannin bleeding, and moisture damage.

Prioritize Air Quality During Your Next Diy Project With These Zero

Elizabeth Sweet is a freelance interior design and architecture writer based in Chicago, IL, who covers a range of shelter topics for print and digital publications. Her words have appeared in the pages of Southern Living Magazine and on websites for Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, Chicago Magazine, Dwell, and more.

Are you considering a new paint color for your next room refresh or DIY project? While paint can change the look of furniture and even an entire room, some of the harsh ingredients in paint can also cause a range of adverse effects and contribute to air pollution. But here’s the good news: safer paint options do exist, and many are available online so you can shop from the comfort of home. Use this guide to learn more about volatile organic compounds and their impact on air quality and weigh your buying options.

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How Long Do Paint Fumes Stay In Your System

How Long Do Paint Fumes Last In Your Body? After you paint a room, fresh paint fumes will be actively affecting your health for 1 or 3 days after painting. This is why, before you move into a newly painted space be it a room or a house, it is recommended that you wait for at least 72 hours…. continue reading

How Do You Avoid Voc Paint

Eco Friendly Interior Design

Read labels to find low-VOC products and purchase nontoxic paint. Use water-based polyurethane that emits fewer gases than oil-based products. For the same reason, natural or low-VOC stains, sealants and varnishes are also healthier choices. Avoid vinyl wall covering, as well as vinyl upholstery and flooring…. read more

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Which Paints Are Truly Safe

There is a myriad of paints claiming to be green, natural, or zero-VOC, but most dont list their ingredients, others list the main components, while some only list what has to be legally disclosed on a safety data sheet .

This article investigates past the marketing jargon to compare all of the options that claim to be zero-VOC or natural.

This post covers interior wall paints for drywall, plasterboard, plaster, and wood.

I break the paints into categories based on their formulas:

  • 1) Latex Paint which includes acrylic paint and VAE paint
  • 2) Natural Paint which includes mineral paint, clay paint, and milk paint
  • 3) Linseed-Based Oil Paint

VOC-Free Paint

We know that zero-VOC is a legal term and does not always mean it really has no VOCs .

Keep in mind there are products that are higher in VOCs that will flash off and cure quickly, while other low-VOC, or even zero-VOC, formulations can take longer to cure.

Exempt VOCs, meaning those that are not counted in that term legally, include ammonia and acetone.

Other Chemicals of Concern: APEs

Apart from VOCs, alkylphenol ethoxylates , which are surfactants used in acrylic paints, can disrupt the hormone system.

Preservatives & Mildewcide

All paints except powdered Milk Paint have preservatives. A few brands in the post disclose which ones they use. With others, we can only guess based on the list of commonly used preservatives/mildewcides.

Chemical Sensitivities

There are three main categories of safe healthy paint:

1.Latex Paint

Low Voc Paint Is Not Low Odor

The global trend toward environmentally friendly products has made a significant impact on the paint industry. Volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs, are at the center of many companies efforts to provide their customers with greener paint. And while VOCs which act as solvents in traditional house paint, carrying the pigment can have real health consequences, consumers should look at the facts, not the hype, when it comes to low-VOC paint. Closer examination reveals that the subject of eco-friendly paint is more nuanced than marketing buzzwords suggest. Let us try to de-crypt the information.

Common VOCs include formaldehyde, benzene, and diethyl phthalate. The odor of drying paint is mostly due to the evaporation of its VOCs. This process, known as off-gassing, has been found to cause asthma attacks, eye irritation, nausea, and headaches in some people. Long-term exposure to VOCs may even result in cancer or kidney damage.

Its understandable, then, that VOCs have become a prime target in the movement to make paint eco-friendlier. Over the past few years, many paint makers, including small brands as well as major players like Benjamin Moore, have released low-VOC lines. Yet there are no universal, mandatory standards for low-VOC paint.

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Q What Is A Benjamin Moore Paint

A. Most premium Benjamin Moore paint formulas provide a paint-and-primer in one. Benjamin Moores ben® Interior offers paint-and-primer in one, and also hides previous paint colors in fewer coats. Learn more about primers for interiors from the experts at Benjamin Moore.For DIYers, ben Interior paint is great for those who want a paint that is easy to apply, easy to touch up, and easy to maintain.

Do You Need Ventilation For Zero

ZERO VOC Paint War: Sherwin Williams vs PPG vs Ben Moore

Because VOCs are at their highest levels during and right after painting, it’s essential to thoroughly ventilate a room with fans or open windows. Using low- and zero-VOC paints will alleviate this problem. They are particularly helpful in rooms with limited ventilation, such as basements or bathrooms…. view details

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Is Benjamin Moore Paint Toxic

Low odor, easy application, zero VOCs and possessing rich mildew resistant properties, it stands to reason why Benjamin Moore is a renowned VOC free paint resource that can improve overall aesthetics and quality of life. All in all, this might be a bit of a spoiler, but it is important to recognize right from the start that Benjamin Moore is a non toxic paint brand that was designed on a foundation of quality, transparency, and optimizing both your health and results.

Browse through Benjamin Moore non VOC paint.

Overall, between the unparalleled properties in conjunction with the Benjamin Moore Green Promise to solidify the standard/performance assurances of their eco-conscious VOC free paint, you can be confident that what you are getting will your expectations every time. But as wonderful as it is to know that Benjamin Moore has non toxic paint, it could very well pose the question of why VOC free paint matters to begin with and why this illustrious brand is so adamant about sticking to the Green Promise in the first place.

Coronas Brushes & Rollers

At Corona three words can describe their products, Quality, Ingenuity, Hard Work. Corona carefully crafts their brushes and rollers to meet not just their high standards, but also yours. Quality means taking pride in what they create. They have built their reputation for unique painting products by applying new approaches and the most current techniques to meet your changing needs.

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Water Based Wood Stains

General Finishes Water Based Wood Stains spread easily, can be repaired, blend effortlessly and have plenty of open time. The thicker formula of these wood stains allows for controlled penetration, and their high-quality pigments produce rich, dark, uniform colors on hard-to-stain woods like maple and pine.

Can You Sleep In Your Room After Using Zero Voc Paint

no voc paint benjamin moore

Low-VOC paint is a safe option. You can even sleep in the room the same day that it is painted. It still has an odor though, that typically lasts a day after the painting is complete. Zero-VOC paint is odorless and does not emit toxic chemicals…. continue reading

Research has shown that children sleeping in bedrooms containing fumes from conventional and low-VOC water-based paints and solvents are 2 to 4 times more likely to suffer from allergies or asthma…. read more

Known commonly as VOCs, these chemicals are often found in paint and turn to vapor when exposed to room temperature. It is the vaporization of these chemicals that cause that well-known paint smell…. continue reading

Paint brands that have low VOC options include Behr, Farrow & Ball, and Para. However, this is not an exhaustive list because some other paint companies offer low VOC options as well…. see more

The first complete, top-quality, zero-VOC professional line available in four sheens and every color. When specifying paint for clients’ projects, architects, designers and color consultants can’t go wrong with Sherwin-Williams new ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex…. read more

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Are Benjamin Moores Oil

All oil-based paints with high VOC levels carry some risk with repeated exposure. This is not specific to the Benjamin Moore brand. Make sure to read all the information about a certain paint before purchasing it. If you do choose to use paint with high VOC levels, make sure to take proper precautions.

Wear a mask and goggles to protect your face and eyes from inhaling any toxic fumes. Also, allow the space to air out before occupying it.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior

Regal Select Interior is the flagship of the Benjamin Moore brand. What is it about Regal Select that makes it so popular with both DIYers and professionals? To start with, its just a nice paint to work with. It is a zero-VOC paint, which means it has very little odor. And also because it has zero VOCs, it is environmentally friendly. It is a paint and primer in one. And it uses the Gennex Color Technology, so its durable and stays beautiful for years without fading.

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Companies With Gorgeous No

Painting a room can be one of the quickest ways to transform the space to an entirely new look, but chances are youve noticed that most paint smells really bad, and thats because it is loaded with harmful pollutants and chemicals. While youve long been able to find some natural paints that dont contain volatile organic compounds , the array of colors available has been very limited, primarily to earth tones. But paint manufacturers have finally heard the call of the people that we dont want to breath in harsh chemicals when we paint, nor do we want them lingering in our living spaces, and now you can find a wide array of gorgeous paint colors that are VOC-free. Here are five companies that offer a great selection of quality paint combined with a wide color spectrum.

1. YOLO Colorhouse

Started in 2005 and originally made from clay and rice paste, the founders of YOLO Colorhouse were determined to create a paint with zero VOCs that they could make available to the greater public. Over the past eight years they have transformed their paint while sticking to their mission by using zero VOC acrylic and PVA binders in their water-based paint which is now available in more than 90 colors. While they offer a particularly great selection of earth tones, their palette also offers some beautiful airy colors as well as some bold and bright colors.

2. Mythic

3. Benjamin Moore

4. The Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

5. Behr

How Long Do Vocs Last After Painting

Gain Professional Quality with Ultra Spec® 500 | Benjamin Moore

VOCs emitted from paint do dissipate overtime, after the paint dries on the wall but this process can take a while with most dispelling within the first six months after application. Minimising the number of VOCs entering your home interior atmosphere is always recommended…. continue reading

Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of premium low-VOC products. Our innovative Gennex® Color Technology is a zero-VOC colorant. You’ll also find our “greenest” zero-VOC products here…. read more

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Benjamin Moore And The Environment

The Green Promise® designation is Benjamin Moore’s assurance that its eco-conscious paints meet and exceed the strictest US industry standards, while also delivering the premium levels of performance you expect from Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore has applied the toughest standards to create a “Green Promise” designation so that you know the paint that’s contained within goes above and beyond standard green expectations.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Content and cited on all of our products in accordance to EU Directive 2004/42/EC and the British Coatings Federation 5-band classification.Since our products are manufactured and sold in North America as well as imported into the UK market, our product labels, data-sheets and US generated marketing materials/social media also include statements relating to US legislation and US industry guidance. In particular, the US market allows for products containing less than 1g/l VOC to use the designation “zero VOC”.In the UK, the “zero VOC” designation is not recognised and as such we follow the British Coatings Federation 5 point classification when we promote our our products in the UK.


The Real Milk Paint Co

If you’re looking for eco-friendly milk paint, Real Milk Paint offers 56 cheerful colors to choose from, all made from natural, 100% organic ingredients, including powdered purified casein, lime, and pigments. Use it on floors, walls, or on a DIY furniture project. The product can achieve a smooth, matte texture or an antiqued finish. Real Milk Paint lists its paint as zero-VOC, biodegradable, compostable, and safe for use on children’s furniture and toys.

Buy It:The Real Milk Paint Co., $69.99 per gallon

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About Vocs And Emissions

Zero Emissions:Trace level of Emission:

  • A VOC has not been intentionally added to the covered product
  • Emission of the covered product does not cause material harm that consumers typically associate with emission, including harm to the environment or human health and
  • Emission of the covered product does not result in more than harmless concentrations of any compound higher than would be found under normal conditions in the typical residential home without interior architectural coating.

The Complete Guide To Benjamin Moore Cabinet Paint: Top 5 Paints For Homeowners

Benjamin Moore Paint 2 No Voc Tint Base Colors

Painting cabinets can be a big task. Having the right paint and primer can make it easier to manage. Benjamin Moore carries several different kinds of paint that work great for cabinets and give a beautiful finish.

Ive outlined the best Benjamin Moore cabinet paint and primer. Keep reading to learn more!

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Environmentally Safe Benjamin Moore Interior Paint In White Plains Ny

Finding an environmentally safe interior paint that meets todays stringent safety guidelines and maintains great performance is easier said than done. For years our in-house paint experts canvassed products that we could be proud to put on our shelves. Well, weve found it: The Benjamin Moore paint, Natura, is the lowest emission paint on the marketwith no VOCs contained in its green label product. Natura is third-party tested for environmental safety by California Collaborative for High Performance Schools, and we are proud to offer this outstanding product to our customers. Not only will Benjamin Moore interior paint beautify your home, it will preserve your quality of life with zero VOC emissions. Natura comes in a wide variety of colors and performs well. Its a quick-drying paint with virtually no odor, so you may sleep in the room on the same day its painted. Other painting products dont offer that convenience, particularly when they contain VOCs.

What Does Trace Levels Of Emissions Mean

Trace level of emission means:

  • A VOC has not been intentionally added to the covered product
  • Emission of the covered product does not cause material harm that consumers typically associate with emission, including harm to the environment or human health and
  • Emission of the covered product does not result in more than harmless concentrations of any compound higher than would be found under normal conditions in the typical residential home without interior architectural coating.

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The Benefits Of Investing In Zero Voc Paint

With the ever-growing popularity and awareness of environmentalism, it became the catalyst for a boom in green labeled products and the paint industry was certainly part of that wave. The industry as a collective was known for pumping toxic chemicals into its products that have now shown to be hazardous to both people and the environment.

That is why anti-VOC brands like Benjamin Moore have steered away from the historic norm with a core mission to accentuate the quality of life in and outside of the home. And the best part is that making the shift from VOC paint to VOC free paint offers an entire inventory of short- and long-term benefits ranging from health, quality, to longevity.

  • Reduces/eliminates the accumulation of allergy-causing toxins.
  • Reduces/eliminates the concentration of contamination in the groundwater, ozone layer, and landfills.
  • Enhances the air quality of your home reducing or eliminating acute/chronic health concerns due to the release of zero toxic emissions.
  • Improves long-term performance due to the elongated recoating cycles.
  • Reduced risk of edge rust penetration due to the better edge retention during the drying phase.
  • Offers higher applied film thickness, which equates to faster application and lower labor costs.

Summary The Benjamin Moore Green Promise


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