Beach House Interior Paint Colors

This Beach House Color Scheme Will Make Your Home Feel Like It Is Steps From The Ocean Even If It Isnt

Mexican Sand, Roycroft Pewter, Beach House, Really Teal Interior Paint Colors

All of the colors are calming, relaxing, and beautiful shades that Sherwin Williams heralds as their most popular coastal colors.

Now, if youâre looking for paint colors for the new design trend Coastal Grandmother, be sure to check to this ultimate guide to Coastal Grandmother!

Let me know what your favorite coastal paint colors from Sherwin Williams are!

But Sherwin Williams Most Popular Calm Coastal Paint Color

â¦is Sea Salt.

Sea Salt is a soft blue green paint color that has a lot of gray in it.

While Sea Salt is a blue green paint color, it is frequently referred to as a neutral.

It has some color in it, but doesnât look bright.

The gray in it calms it down, making it a bit understated.

For a long time, it was the number one color on the coast, in the plains and anywhere in the nation for years.

I use it in my whole house color scheme, perfect for any home.

Learn everything you need to know about Sea Salt here.

Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue

The Spruce

Few paint colors feel as nautical as a true deep navy, like Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue . The inky and bold navy shade feels utterly rich, moody, and almost yet not quite black. It saturates a smaller space, but pairs wonderfully with crisp whites or linen shades for an eye-catching contrast.

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Easy Steps To Choosing Perfect Coastal Paint Colors

After many years of trial and error, these are my tried and true tips to pick coastal paint colors for your home:

Coastal decor gets its cues from the water, land and sky. These colors work so effortlessly in nature. You can confidently replicate this natural palette in your home. Youll want to pick colors that speak to you. Make you feel happy, calm and relaxed. Like youre on a peaceful vacationall yearwherever you live.

Finding colors you love is simple. Look to the clothes you wear, a colorful piece of fabric, a throw rug, a piece of artwork, seashells, beach glass, etc.

My Dads seascape oil painting and an assortment of white seashells, sand dollars and starfish were the inspiration colors for my living room. Let elements from the water, land and sky inspire your paint color choices.

Silver Strand By Sherwin

Bright Paint Colors

Why stick with one color when you can have the perfect blend of them all. “This is a chameleon of a color. Not really a true blue, green, or gray, but the perfect blend of all three colors. It conveys such a restful feeling in a bedroom!” J. Banks Design Group of Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Get the Color: Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams

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Dreamy Beach Color Palettes That Channel The Seaside

Vacation vibes at the ready.

Who doesn’t love the beach enough to channel it at home? If you, my dear contrarian reader, are raising your hand, this is not the page for you. Because as the summer sneaks up, we find ourselves craving the sea and sunand thus, looking to incorporate those beachy colors in our interiors. From the sherbet sunsets, ocean waves, and cotton candy skies, beach-inspired hues are simply the best. And we’ve rounded up everything from modern Malibu spaces to coastal Italy-inspired interiors, tropical escapes, and quaint Cape Cod-like homes to give you all the beachy color palette inspiration you need .

Pheobe Howard chose a playful and peppy color scheme of greens, yellows, and blues in her historic Palm Beach home. Subtle moss greens speak to deeper forest shades and bright minty tones. The seagrass and jute accents keep all the pastels and tropical colors grounded.

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Southern California’s skate and surf culture shapes the beachy environment in this dining room by Nicole Hollis Studio thanks to the grid of photographs behind the table. The jute rug and clean wood furniture are the perfect pieces for the room’s laidback yet sophisticated look.

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Benjamin Moore Athens Blue

The Spruce

Benjamin Moore’s Athens Blue is a heavily saturated medium blue. It reminds us of the rich blues from the Mediterranean city it’s named after, and is a lovely color to use on furniture, too, such as DIY coffee table or chairs, or even kitchen cabinets. It’s a cyan with more of a blue tone that pairs well with cool, bright whites for a contrast that feels deeply nautical.

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The Spruce Blue Marlin Spr

The Spruce

The Spruce’s Blue Marlin is a soft medium blue with very strong gray undertones, showing one or the other depending on how the light in a room affects the color. It’s a less saturated blue than teal or turquoise and because of that, the color can feel light and airy. The shade works well in a kitchen wall when paired with white cabinetry and light wood accents.

Best Colors For Your Home

Interior Designer Brian Gluckstein on Successful Color Schemes | Inside Design | Benjamin Moore

Even if the property is already sitting in a coastal area, you will still want to feel comfortable and well-rested at all times. Your exterior can give guests a taste of what lies within the interior of your home, and calm coastal colors can transform your home into a relaxing retreat.

So, what are the best colors you can incorporate into your beach home?

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Calm Coastal Paint Colors Can Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Retreat From The Pressures Of Every Day Life

During a recent trip to the beach, I visited the local Sherwin Williams to talk to the experts about their top selling paint colors.

The answer was unanimous.

Most beach home owners choose shades that are light blue or light green hues.

Blues and greens are seen as calming, relaxing and reminiscent of the ocean and sky.

The colors that are chosen for the interior of your beach home are meant to reflect the same colors you see when you are soaking up the sun.

They are classically beachy feeling, and impart a sense of peacefulness.

Coastal paint colors for the home are always in style.

They play on the hues of the ocean, the sky, the sun and the sand.

Paired with coastal decor, they give your home a perfectly casual and nautical feeling.

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Beach House Interior Colors : The Oc Ranch Reno Color Palette

Paint colors can be tricky! I dont know about you guys, but no matter how many projects I do, I always go back and forth over what the perfect shade of shade of white, gray, blue etc. will be for that particular house. Of course I have my favoritesbut even working within that list, lighting is key, the colors of cabinets and tile and wood and all the other elements that go into a home all need to coordinate and blend. The OC Ranch Reno had darker colors on the walls and dark wood flooring to begin with, all colors that I love and chose several years ago, but this renovation gave us a chance to lighten and brighten everything. I think when people think of beach house interior colors, the typical colors that come to mind are hues of blue. You know I love blue, but I wanted to work with something a bit different with this coastal beach house.

This house just lends itself to a Greige color. Actually, most houses do. Its timeless and works with just about every trend. You can add more browns to it, or blacks and grays, depending on the mood at the moment. The darker color on the walls before was a Greige too, it just needed to be freshened up. What do I mean by Greige? A Greige is the perfect blend of beige and gray. Not too cold, not too warmjust right in the middle and perfect. It works well with blacks and blues and, well, pretty much any color.



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Benjamin Moore Pacific Palisades

Designer Allison Bloom didn’t hold back when cooking up the palette for this funky Stinson Beach, California, kitchen. A zingy lime tile backsplash sets the freewheeling tone, while an island doused in Pacific Palisades by Benjamin Moore nods to the Pacific Ocean, just steps from the house. Beechwood stools and warm wooden floors ground the wild colors to keep the mood mellow.

Green Wave By Benjamin Moore

Beach House Interior Paint Colors Unique 1249 Best Images About ...

Envelop your senses with sights of the sea-colored walls and the smells of the ocean breezing through an open window. “My surf-loving daughter recently asked for a bedroom that felt like the inside of a wave. This pale blue-green beautifully captures the magical hue of the ocean. It’s also ideal with a ceiling painted in a high gloss finish to reflect the light.” Cathy Austin of Catherine M. Austin Interior Design in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Get the Color: Green Wave by Benjamin Moore

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Benjamin Moore Nantucket Fog

The Spruce

As its name suggests, Benjamin Moore’s Nantucket Fog is the color of a foggy New England morning along the coast. It’s a muted blue shade with neutral undertones that works wonderfully with beiges, grays, and light blue hues. Nantucket Fog is a traditional beachy shade that is perfect for nearly any room in your home.

Teresa’s Green By Farrow And Ball

Add some warmth to your beach bedroom with this blue-green paint. “I love this shade in an eggshell finish on walls, paired with Skiffey Blue in a high gloss on the base molding. It sets the tone for a dramatic, beachy room.” Ashley Gilbreath of Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design in Montgomery, Alabama.

Get the Color: Teresa’s Green by Farrow & Ball

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Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay

Much like the famed color Sea Salt, this is a moody green color that is a total chameleon, layered with blue and gray underneath. It will reflect differently in every space, so be sure to test it out and make sure you love it!

With an LRV of 44, it is a little deeper than SW Sea Salt, and the moodiest and darkest color on this list.

Best Coastal Living Room Paint Colors For Decorating Your Home

Top 5 Coastal Colors For Your Walls

This week, we are painting a few rooms in our home. It got me thinking about how big of an impact paint can make on an entire room. Updating your own home can be as easy as picking out some complementary colors to get a fresh take on your home style. With coastal decor being a hot trend I wanted to share paint colors for your coastal living room.

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Best Colors For Beach Houses

Summer is the best time to embrace color. While some people do it with their outfits, others do it by redecorating their home with new paint or just by adding a brightly colored pillow and freshly picked flowers to accentuate their living area.

The best colors for beach houses reflect what you see while soaking up the sun, like shades of blue, green, beige, or orange. If you are looking to incorporate the best colors for the interior and exterior of your beach house, highlighting the coastal color palette into your home will bring you a sense of peace.

Keep reading so we can help you choose the best coastal color for your beach house.

Beach Color Palettes For Decorating A Seaside Oasis

@thepolishedpinapple_ / Instagram

There’s something about beachy colors that we just can’t resist. For one, they’re oh-so-calming and evoke happy memories of vacations and warm days. Beachy colors are also timeless: Blues, greens, creams, and tans will never go out of style.

If you’re unsure what beachy color combinations would look best in your home, note that there are a number of hues that you can choose from. We’re sharing 23 of our favorite beachy color palettes that you won’t be able to resist. We even have a few out of the box ideas for you, too!

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Baize Green By Sherwin

Unearth this paint color for an earthy update to your space. “A fresh and happy green that works beautifully when layering with a sea glass-inspired color palette.” Vicky Serany of Southern Studio Interior Design in Cary, North Carolina.

Get the Color: Baize Green by Sherwin-Williams

Hazy Blue By Benjamin Moore

Beach House Decor

Imagining the crystal clear waters in the Florida Keys has never been easier. Surround yourself with sights of the Emerald Coast without leaving your bedroom. “The name is a bit of a misnomer! This is a sprightly, clear turquoise of medium intensity. It’s a deeper hue than popular Palladian Blue , so it stands up to intense light, without ever looking shrill.” Robin Henry of Robin Henry Studio in New York, New York.

Get the Color: Hazy Blue by Benjamin Moore

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Heres A Practical Example Of Lrv And Complementary Colors

Why LRV is important: After trying on nineteen pink cocktail dresses youve found the perfect one. Later you discover that dim party lighting makes the dress you LOVED in the store look washed out and beige. Fail.

Why Complementary Colors are important: The pink dress color is perfect but the orange shoes and purple jewelry scream who dressed you? You loved all the individual pieces but together they dont work.

You know this so you dont ever dress like this, right?

Apply the same knowledge to home color choices and you will have success.

Colorful Beach House Paint Colors

I love driving down the coast. The beach is truly my happy place. One thing I love is all the colorful beach house paint colors. They are fun and reflect everything I love about being at the beach.

If you look closely at the paint colors used on beach houses then you will notice that most of them are related to colors of the ocean, blues and greens. These are the traditional colors of beach houses because they evoke a calming, restful feeling.

But they arent just about blues and greens. Many times the colors are natural like the colors found in sand. Or creamy whites like the colors of seashells. Neutral colors also bring a feeling of calm because they represent the things you see when you are relaxing on the beach.

Coral colors are also used and they bring a real pop compared to the neutrals, blues, and greens. Corals are great to use on the exterior in siding or front doors. You can also use coral on the interior in small doses like accessories or even on a piece of furniture.

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  • Beach House Paint Colors
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    Beach House Colour Schemes

    A White & bright beach house colour scheme, exotic turquoise hues or rustic naturals. Beach house colours have been a popular choice for homes. If youre looking for beach house colours for exterior paint or beach house interior colour schemes, we have a range of exterior, interior and timber paints in a wide range of colours to choose from.

    Our Colour Cards are a great place to get inspiration & guidance for your beach house colour scheme and our Brush Up Blog has some fantastic articles covering both beach house colour schemes for exteriors and beach house interior colour schemes

    Here are a few to get you started!

    White & Other Neutrals

    Choosing Interior Paint Colors | Room Color Ideas | The Home Depot

    If you prefer a more neutral wall color, white walls or a warm gray are great options that still help communicate your design without going quite as bold. Again, you can incorporate that beach color scheme into your decor while still having a white or neutral backdrop. Whites, grays, and beiges are colors that range from the ocean white caps to the shelly beaches.

    You can incorporate those beige and white tones not only on your interior walls but also within your furniture. Neutral paint colors paired with natural elements bring your theme to life. Think of bright white paint on your interior walls paired with light wooden floors and light or white toned wood furniture.

    To offset all of the neutrals and white, incorporate a contrasting piece of color. A great example of this is black painted window frames or black framed decor. The black pops against the stark white color.

    Check out this lake house with lots of white decor and paint.

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    What Are The Right Colors For Your Home

    First I want you to understand that there is no wrong color. If youve ever LOVED a color but felt it didnt work, chances are the LRV or non-complementary colors were to blame.

    Let me explain

    LRV, short for a colors Light Reflectance Value, measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. It ranges from:

    0 = Black, absorbs all the light100= Pure White, reflects all the light

    Sometimes youll find the LRV number on the back of a paint chip or on the paint manufacturers website. Since paint is a big part of your home design I wanted to mention this.

    Complementary Colors play nice together. A color wheel is a handy and useful tool to check that your colors will get along.


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