Accent Wall Paint Pattern Ideas

Edgy Bedroom With Black Wall


This stylish and edgy bedroom features a black and white color scheme to complement the textured wooden furniture. The accent wall contrasts the white headboard and bedding, while the small plants on the nightstands add a splash of color. Feminine and cute, this trendy room creates a comfortable and fashionable space.

Zodiac Constellation Wall Decal Accent Wall Design

This stunning Zodiac constellation wall decal features individual adhesives that can be applied to an accent wall in the room youre updating. If the walls are black, this white constellation piece will look like the starry night sky with a pop of white. These decals are not meant to be removed and reapplied like vinyl wallpaper. This handmade wall decal is affixed to a wall for decorative purposes and is a great way to express an individuals personality. This would look so great in a teen boys bedroom who has a love for space and all things constellations.

Night Sky Ombre Bedroom Accent Wall

Want to use the accent wall to set a particular mood in the bedroom? The night sky pattern of this bedroom wall urges you to get in bed quickly and relax.

The painting pattern mimics the well-known ombre succession of colors. It starts with dark blue color at the bottom of the wall which starts to fade away as you go up.

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Light Sapphire And Blonde Wood

In your kitchen, use the cabinets for the accent color like the blue ones in this example. With a contrasting white backsplash, wall and shelving, you breathe character and depth into a small space. Wooden detailslike your countertop and cutting boardsbring further dimension to this all-important room.

Best Accent Wall Colors

Feature Wall Ideas /// 12 Stunning Ideas for Statement &  Accent Walls ...

The accent wall is a stylish interior design element that can add a vibrant and beautiful look to any room. Whimsical and charming, accent walls can instantly elevate a space by creating contrast, complementing your decor and allowing your color scheme to pop. If you want to add visual interest, these accent wall colors are timeless and modern choices for your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Whether you want dark and bold, neutral and versatile or light and bright, these color ideas for accent walls can help you feature your personality and make a difference in your living space. While white walls are universal and low-maintenance, painting an accent wall can give your room the dimension and drama it needs for a stunning finish.

To inspire you, weve compiled examples of the best accent wall colors. From neutral to colorful options, these popular paint colors for an accent wall will help you transform your space.

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Accent Your Wall With Neon Signs

Photo via @zephs_house

Want to introduce playfulness into a living room, kitchen, or game room? Hang neon signs on your feature wall! Not only do neon signs add vibrant pops of color to an accent wall, but you can even find neon wall art with funny sayings or quotes that can add personality to your living space!

Stunning Accent Wall Ideas For A Dramatic Look

Are you thinking about adding accent walls to your homes interior design? Look no further! These accent wall design ideas will inspire you to create a dramatic and stunning look in your home.

  • Accent Wall Ideas FAQs
  • There are many ways to update a wall in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom to create a wow factor and show off your creativity. Many of the accent walls started off as a monochromatic design style. Now you will see more with a pop of color as they like to be used as the focal point of interior spaces.

    Accent walls are trendy and budget-friendly. They can help you decorate small spaces or give added texture and colors to bigger spaces.

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    What Is Diatom Mud

    Diatom mud is used on interior walls. It is becoming more popular for its impact on indoor air quality. The material also helps lower energy usage. Its a porous substance and contains natural additives. Latex and oil paints include diatoms. Diatom refers to diatomaceous earth, which helps control humidity while absorbing harmful gases.

    Decorate With Wall Hanging

    5 *EASY* DIY Paint Accent Wall Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

    This décor idea features how to transform a bare wall into a statement element with no effort! Simply decorate with an artistic wall hanging of a suitable size.

    Coordinate the colors of the décor piece with the existing colors of the interior and make sure that it is positioned symmetrically to the anchoring elements.

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    Upgrade Your Space With A Wood Accent Wall

    Wood walls add warmth, depth, texture and of course a beautiful accent to any space. There are so many creative ways to add in a wood accent wall from a plank wall, a barn wood herringbone wall to using pallets or peel and stick materials. If you have a big blank wall in your bedroom and you arent quite sure what to do with it, consider adding a wood accent wall. This can easily be done on any budget. Whether you used reclaimed siding, old pallets, salvaged wood or even laminate flooring, there are numerous ways to achieve this gorgeous look for your bedroom wall.

    What Is The Rule For Accent Walls

    Typically it’s best to follow the 60-30-10 rule which is a classic decor rule that helps create a color palette for a space. It states that 60% of the room should be the dominant color, 30% should be the secondary color, and 10% should be an accent color. So when choosing an accent color you’ll want something that’s different from the 60% and 30% colors. A classic interior design trick to ensure a perfect color scheme every time.

    ‘Using two or three shades is an easy device to divide the space and encourage the sense of something more architectural in feel, without the need for costlier building work,’ says Rob Whitaker of Claybrook. The upper wall, often in a lighter tone, can be utilized for hanging favorite art, key fobs or a coat rack. Using a bold pop of color can also be a brilliant way to have a bit of fun with your scheme.’

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    Modern Accent Wall With Hexagons

    The hexagonal shape is related to modern interior styles. It can define the design of vertical storage furniture or be part of the accent wall pattern.

    Here, we see a bedroom accent wall idea in a teenagers room but it can be incorporated also in a master bedroom.

    The hexagon shapes are first outlined with painters tape and then filled with paint. Use the alignment pattern, the color palette and the size of the hexagons to create a bold modern bedroom accent wall.

    Think About Furniture Placement

    Style your space with #BoldAndBeautiful walls that attract.

    After the accent wall is finished, determine how to incorporate furniture and accessories. “For a bedroom, I would recommend placing the bed in front of the accent wall,” says Story. “For a living room, I would recommend placing the sofa in front of the accent wall.”

    Reynal is a fan of creating an accent wall in the dining room. “It’s a place that’s often hard to create visual interest,” she says. “By styling the wall with a mirror, sconces, and a sideboard, it becomes part of the space and acts as a beautiful backdrop.”

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    A Gallery Wall To Set The Color Palette

    A wall can become an accent element not only with its color and texture but also with its decoration. This bedroom accent wall idea features the use of large photographs united by theme and colors on a blank neutral color wall.

    The earthy tones repeat on accents spread around the room to create a united look and harmonious atmosphere.

    Create A Functional Accent Wall

    Create a focal point that serves a purpose. At first glance, this unique custom millwork appears to be nothing more than a fun, visual element accentuated by a faux copper wall. A closer look reveals an entertainment center, including a soffit designed to house the accent lights and shelving for storage and décor. Using storage as an accent wall can be as easy as adding bookshelves to a study, or custom cabinetry to a living room.

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    What Is An Accent Wall

    An accent wall becomes the focal point of a room. These walls are meant to stand out and add an extra design element to our space.

    We have seen accent walls in practically every room. They can be the perfect solution for your dining room, nursery, home office or even your bathroom.

    Accent walls can be made of a different material, bold color or just a subtle change in color to create a feature wall. Even smaller rooms can make a big impact with a fun accent wall.

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    A Cozy Bohemian Pop Of Green

    DIY Painted Wall Accents | How to Paint a Wall Mural

    This dark blue grey wall totally looks green, but looks incredible in this master suite. This bold color is usually found on an exterior front door, but is very impressive in this bohemian-inspired bedroom. Depending on the light, this color can appear grey, blue or even green. It complements the existing décor in this room so well and really brings out the green in the rug. This is such a cozy room that looks so warm and inviting. The accent wall really adds such a bold statement and fits perfectly with the existing aesthetics.

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    Emphasize Bathroom Features With An Accent Wall

    An accent wall can be a perfect way to emphasize a great feature like a freestanding tub. Itâs a sublime way to instill a sense of the extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary space. We suggest using waterproof materials like tile to accent a space like a bathroom.

    What Is The Best Accent Wall

    Which wall should serve as the accent wall in any room will vary depending on a number of factors. You might have a built-in accent wall like one that features natural stone or brick.

    Dont fight any natural focal point you might already have in the space. Some of the things to consider before choosing which wall to paint or decorate include:

    • Existing architectural elements in the space. Is there a fireplace, bay window, or other feature that already draws attention? Build on any fixed elements present to create the best accent wall.
    • Built-in cabinets or shelves can help frame an accent wall.
    • Dramatic furniture is perfect for adding an accent wall. This means that if you have a dramatic armoire, the wall behind it is a natural choice.
    • An outstanding view is already a natural focal point so dont detract from it. If you still want to create an accent wall with paint, choose a wall that has a window with a view.

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    Get More Feature Wall Paint Ideas

    Outer Space Chalkboard Accent Wall

    Geometric Accent Wall Trend

    This whimsy outer space wall décor is part of a kids room but if you admire the endless space and the secrets it hides, you can always make it part of the master bedroom.

    This bedroom accent wall is actually a blank wall painted black with chalkboard paint which makes the drawing possibilities endless

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    Create A Cool And Calm Effect With A Blue Accent Wall

    One of the most popular colors to use throughout the home, for your bedroom accent wall paint ideas can make for a versatile and timeless look, as well as bring in an uplifting freshness to the space.

    With so many shades to choose from, blue can effortlessly integrate into bedrooms of all ages and styles.

    For a cocooning, cozy effect, choose a deep blue shade like in the bedroom above. Enhanced by the blue cushions, patterned throw and curtains, the darker shade has been paired with white for balance, a beautiful example of blue and white bedroom ideas.

    Accent Wall Ideas 20 Of The Latest Ways To Create A Statement Feature

    Looking for accent wall ideas that will transform a room? An accent wall or feature wall is an attention-grabbing element for a living space or bedroom and you might want to plan one into a kitchen or bathroom, too, where they can work equally well.

    There are a host of wall decor ideas you might use to create an accent wall, including paint or wallpaper, but there are other possibilities, including tile, textural materials, and even displays.

    Here, weve put together our favorite accent wall options to inspire your own designs.

    Indulge your creativity with an accent wall thats eye-catching. Think color, pattern and texture to bring individual style to a room design.

    Embrace the soothing properties of this natural material. Whether you choose to clad your walls with reclaimed timber or new wood, paneling ideas for walls are a great way to boost a flat space.

    A shiplap wall behind the bed is a striking alternative to a statement headboard. The natural patina and silvered tones of antiqued or reclaimed boards creates a characterful, rough luxe finish.

    Shaker shingles arent just for the roof or exterior walls: they can provide ultimate, three dimensional texture within the home, too.

    The rustic quality of an untreated finish or natural wood tone will bring instant warmth to a space and evoke the atmosphere of a cosy cottage retreat making it ideal for the wall behind the bed or behind the couch in a snug living room.

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    Wall Painting Ideas To Transform Any Room Into A Work Of Art

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    Paint is the ultimate material for updating your home quickly and inexpensively. While solid-colored walls are one way to refresh a room, these wall painting ideas make a statement with bold patterns, contrasting colors, and interesting textures. With a few simple techniques, you can turn an ordinary wall into a spectacular work of art.

    Can I Have Multiple Accent Walls In My House

    Geometric Wall Paint Designs and Pattern with tape for Accent Wall | Home interior

    Of course, you can! Just keep in mind that you shouldnt be able to see multiple accent walls at the same time. This defeats the purpose. Another thing to think about is the decor in the rest of the room. There might be a different focal point in there already. You dont want an accent wall to take away from that.

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    Bedroom Accent Wall With Triangular Shapes

    Similar to the hexagon wall pattern, the triangle mural is also on trend! The technique is easy for a DIY project- outlining shapes with painters tape and then filling them with the paint color of your choice.

    Here, you can source another inspiration related to the color palette. The grey color is related to contemporary interior designs and is combined with accents in yellow that brighten up the space and add depth.

    Breathe Life Into A Kitchen

    Anaar tree wallpaper, Sanderson Design Group

    It can be tricky to inject personality into a kitchen and carry the style of the rest of house through to this practical space, leaving it in danger of feeling a little sterile.

    Country wallpaper ideas for kitchens can take the room from bland to beautiful. Like paint, wallpaper can be wiped clean. Alternatively, a large scale print or mural would make an impact behind open shelving.

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    Painted Accent Walls To Inspire Your Room Makeover

    Below youll find 15 beautifully painted accent walls. Painting your walls is a great way to give the rooms in your home a makeover.

    If youre thinking about painting the walls in your home, I have some great accent wall ideas to inspire you. Some of these photos are linked to DIY tutorials, while others do not have a tutorial available but can still be used for inspiration.


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