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Abstract Acrylic Painting Tutorial 9 TIPS FOR BEGINNER ARTISTS

Acrylic paint offers a range that not many other paints can provide you, whether that be in terms of texture, feel, consistency, or overall style and finish. With acrylics, you have so much possibility, especially when you introduce an element of abstract art into the mix.

Here we have put together a guide to abstract acrylic painting to help you get started on your quest to become an abstract acrylic artist.

Acrylic Painting On Canvas Contemporary Abstract Cityscape Art Large Canvas Art

In the strange city, high-building stand around you. Especially in the rainy day. Do you feel lonely? But if you have boyfriend or girl friend, that is another feeling. Yes, that is romatic. It is so luck that someone with your whole life.

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Acrylic Painting On Canvas Contemporary Abstract Cityscape Art Large Canvas Art Love Abstract Images

Acrylic Painting On Canvas Contemporary Abstract Cityscape Art Large Canvas Art Love Abstract Images

Canvas Wall Paintings Contemporary Large Wall Canvas Canvas Knife Painting Artwork Modern Big Wall Art

Taking Photos For Abstract Painting Ideas

This is so fun, because it is sort of like an artists field trip. In fact, if you follow The Artists Way, you can use it as a fun artists date.

Visit several different locations and focus on keeping your eyes peeled for anything visually interesting. I used to walk around Providence in college doing this, and I would take snaps of trees, front doors, architectural details, mailboxes, etc.

Anything goes here, including shapes and patterns indoors or out. Dont worry about looking like a nutball, you are 100% not the first person to be taking a photo of whatever it is you find. Ideas: town or city, public buildings, parks, grocery store, zoo, train station, mall, museum, old movie theater, nature center, amusement park.

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Acrylic Abstract Painting For Beginners

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to learn one new art and craft skill each month and this month its painting! I wanted to share my first abstract painting, hence this post! I wont be giving any tips or suggestions in this post, but surely in the next posts as Ill learn and practice more. Surely, this abstract painting for beginners is pretty easy, and if youre inspired enough, you can do it too!

Looks magical, doesnt it! In this tutorial Ill show you how I did my first ever acrylic abstract painting. Follow my tutorial and try recreating one yourself and keep in touch for more fun and crafty ideas!

Meanwhile, if youre looking for some beginner-friendly tips, make sure to check out this article on How To Get Started With Acrylic Abstract Painting by Wandering Aimfully.

Watercolor Abstract Triangles Art

Deep in the Wilderness Acrylic Abstract Painting  RO

Here is yet another geometry-inspired abstract work of art that allows you to improvise as you go, without the need to sketch out the outlines of the triangles first. However, if you feel youre not good with improvising, you can always use a pencil and a ruler to first draw the outlines and then you can combine the watercolors as you go.

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Abstract Painting With Plastic Wrap Foil Bubble Wrap

Everyday household items like plastic wrap and aluminum foil can be used in abstract works for blending.

While the plastic wrap is flimsy and flexible it folds in ways that leave an interesting pattern in the paint. The foil having hard folds and cutting edges too will have a distinctive imprint to leave behind.

The most common way they are used in abstract painting is to blend two colors into each other and create an interesting pattern in the paint while doing so.

Another technique or tool closely related to these that I personally love to use in my works is bubble wrap. Putting a bit of paint on the bubbles and then using it as a sort of pattern stamp adds a nice bit of character to your painting.

I wouldnt use this to blend your colors like with the foil and plastic wrap, its more of a way to add a pattern to your canvas without the use of a stencil.

Owning Acrylic Paintings From Our Collection

Seeking Acrylic paintings for your living space is not really easy. Its mostly because to have artworks that suit your room most, you have to consider so many aspects from themes, dimensions Hence, if you are looking for acrylic paintings for your space making you cannot stop viewing, let browse choose a unique one from your collection.

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Geometric Diy Abstract Art

This is one of our most favorite DIY abstract crafts of the day and it involves creating a metallic-like canvas but, once again, there are so many different colors and options for you to experiment with.

For instance, you can use gold spray paint or go crazy with some watercolors. You can use decorators tape to create the geometric design.

Abstract Acrylic Painting With Texture

Textured 3D Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas Tutorial

Abstract acrylic painting with texture is done in a variety of ways. We already discussed how palette knives can be used with thick paint to accomplish various textures but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Using your brushes themselves are a great place to start! Whatever brushes you have you can use to get different types of brushstroke textures into your paintings.

Thick coarse brushes are really good for this. You can load multiple colors on to one brush and then leave a thick multicolored brush stroke.

Better than brushes and palette knives though we have a variety of options to add texture to the canvas.

When it comes to prepping the canvas with texture gesso is a great place to start as it is something a lot of artists generally have on hand. While its primary purpose is as a primer if you add it thick enough you can get textures out of it.

There are also mediums specifically designed to give you a variety of textured results. That is going to take a whole different page to cover in the appropriate depth but something like the Liquitex Texture Gels are a great way to get additional textures into your painting.

There are many options to choose from as well as a number of homemade concoctions we can try as well. I certainly want to take some time to explore them all thoroughly!

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Rollers In Abstract Acrylic Painting

While a roller is something I have yet to add to my tool box, after seeing what we can potentially do with it I will definitely need to get one as soon as possible.

Just watching Mike McDonald work his magic with it in the above video has me fired up to try it myself. The way he builds the character up with each successive layer.Laying on the paint with the roller and using the very tools we have been discussing to add dimension and depth. I actually reached out to Mike on Instagram for some of his thoughts on abstract tools and techniques. He had some great insights to provide us with!

Art supplies can be expensive. Brushes, palette knives, canvases, paints, varnishes and mediums, it can add up fast. But there are great tools for abstract painting in places besides art stores. Look to your local hardware store or kitchen supply shop for things like icing knives, sponges, putty knives, or a cafeteria tray to use as a paint palette. Look for anything you can use to creatively apply paint, even things like lab pipettes or sheets of deli plastic

Mike McDonald

Mike was even kind enough to show us an array of his favorite tools to use. Check it out!

For more awesome content from Mike check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel here!

There are a few different types of rollers you can get. There is the sponge roller and the rubber roller. Then there are rollers of various shapes and patterns.

What Is Abstract Art

Before we get into the different ways you can decorate a room with abstract paintings, lets learn more about the art form.

Abstract artwork emerged in the early 20th century. It was a movement that challenged traditional painting ideas. Today, abstract painting is ubiquitous.

The artwork comes in many shapes and sizes and in two or three-dimensional pieces. At its core is the idea of freedom of expression.

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Painting An Abstract Art Canvas Tips:

  • Layer, layer, layer. This paint is all about layers and layers add dimension.
  • Blend when it is wet, layer when it is dry.
  • Step back or even take a picture of your progress and look at it. I find this helps me see funky spots that need more color or touching up.
  • Get a second perspective.
  • React to the gold foil- I used thin pieces of chipboard and really tried to respond to the gold flakes, and used the shape of the gold foil to shape my painting. Beauty in randomness!

Once your paint has dried, you may want to add some more gold leaf. Same steps as above, apply the glue/adhesive and then the flakes. I scattered a couple flakes over the paint to add some more dimension.

Voila! I think there are a couple spots I may layer some more, but overall, I am happy with how this project turned out. Like I said, I am a total newbie when it comes to abstract art, but I loved this project! Its cheap and easy. Once you get started, its fun to get crazy with it. XO, Ashley

Looking for ways to display your new art? We love Minteds perfect frames, oooh la lah!

Keep up with Ash on Insta, and her cute Etsy shop full of adorable prints like this tribal nursery art,

Also visit more of our home decor ideas like our potted succulent mason jar holder,

Easy Abstract Art Conclusion

Passage 2 30 x 24 Abstract Acrylic Painting on

When choosing abstract art for your home, the final result should work well together with your overall decor. With examples provided here, almost all of them offer a full tutorial on an art style. Watch the videos first and see what you can learn.

Many people think that abstract art is meaningless. The art form uses non -traditional methods and styles. However, for some people, abstract painting is a form of therapy. If you wanted to try your hand at an abstract painting, you could jump in whenever you wanted. The nice thing about abstract art is it doesnt adhere to a set of rules or guidelines.

Painting abstract art doesnt require many supplies. You can use acrylic paints or oil-based paint. You could paint on a primed canvas or designate a space in your home as an abstract wall and paint it however you wanted.

The most important thing to remember about creating abstract art is that youre free to do whatever you want. Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Its your time, do follow your instincts and have some fun.

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Tips For Abstract Acrylic Painting Art

These may be a little random, but they popped into my head as I was writing this. Hopefully theyll be of some use

Dont leave your paint brushes in water for too long remember to clean them off when you are finished painting or they wont last very long.

If you want to take a painting break, cover your paint palette with plastic wrap to keep the paint from drying out too quickly.

Music. Play music! This will loosen you up and it will show in your painting.

If you hate what you paint, you can always cover over the painting with gesso and start over. Leave the paint texture there from your original painting for added interest, or sand it away before you gesso over it.

And finally, dont let yourself get frustrated if you are just beginning! You will not love everything you create, and the key is to just keep experimenting, showing up, and doing what feels fun.

Check out my post on finding your art style.

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Supplies To Paint A Diy Abstract Art Canvas Tutorial:

So, here we are, a messy, random and colorful painting tutorial. This was one of my first dips into abstract art AND acrylic paints, so it is by no means perfect, but the process is a fun one! Here it is:

These supplies contain affiliate links for your convenience. When you make a purchase after clicking an affiliate link, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission. I only recommend products that I personally use and genuinely recommend. Thank you for your support!

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Nothing Is Off Limits

Its important not to feel overwhelmed when you are abstract acrylic painting, especially when you are first starting out. It can be a difficult style of painting to get into at first and its easy to get a little too fixated on the outcome of your piece. However, its important to take a step back before you start a painting and really focus on what works for you. The basic idea is that its abstract art, so you really do have the freedom to let your imagination run free. Dont allow yourself to become restricted or pigeonholed by a set goal or aim you want to achieve as these often never work out the way we want them to.

We can frequently put ourselves off from starting something because were not sure where to start. The beauty of acrylic abstract art is that it gives you the freedom to really start anywhere, and youll usually be able to work from there.

Easy Abstract Painting: 20 Cool Ways To Hang Art On Your Walls

Large Semi Abstract Landscape on Canvas | My Process Using Acrylics

Easy abstract painting can elevate a living space. You dont need to buy the real thing. Abstract art prints from your favorite artists can transform a room. With the right abstract art piece, you wont grow tired of looking at it.

If youre not sure where to hang abstract paintings, we can help. Well show you some DIY abstract art examples that will take your interior decor skills to the next level.

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Painting Abstract From Nature

If youve spent any time in the great outdoors, youll likely have noticed that it is a feats for the eyeballs. In fact, I would argue that every single artist is visually influenced by nature, whether through direct observation, or through the art and design they are influenced by.

Just take in a nature documentary, and see if you dont pause it in the middle to dash off a quick sketch or note about something you want to create. Those sly nature documentaries have an uncanny way of making us appreciate all of natures visual bounties.

Heres how to use nature in your abstract paintings:

  • Take photos and bring them home to refer to crop in on any really cool parts
  • Watch nature documentaries on your device, taking screen shots of inspiring patterns or colors or shapes

How To Paint An Abstract Art Canvas

I set up shop by covering my table with butcher paper. This project WILL get messy so I recommend covering everything you dont want paint splattered.

This first step is optional, but I think it adds a great base to your piece Paint acrylic gesso over the surface with a thick painters brush. This covers the woven canvas texture. Generously add globs of modeling paste onto the canvas. Use a cut strip of chipboard to level out the paste. Be sure to cover the surface of the canvas, but this is meant to build up the texture. Be sure to let this dry before moving to the next step.

Once you decide where you would like your gold leaf, use a small paintbrush to apply a thin layer of Elmers glue or Metal leaf adhesive onto the canvas. Wash your brush immediately with warm soapy water.

Apply the gold leaf flakes in a thick layer to the glue. There isnt much rhyme or reason to this part. You will be adding a second layer after painting, so dont fuss too much about it being perfect. If you are using a sealer, wait for the glue/adhesive to dry before using your brush again to paint it over the flakes. The sealer will flatten and coat the gold leaf. You can watch a time-lapse video of the process here.

Next, create a color sample. You may have figured out what colors you want to use, but doing a practice run will help you figure out how you want to put them all together. I like to do this on a piece of sketchbook or scrap paper.

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